Piston Accumulators

Engineered at the razor edge

As a world leader in fluid power, Kocsis Hydraulics offers a wide range of piston accumulators to fit your application. Our standard lineup of accumulators is designed, manufactured, and tested by our experienced team of engineers and assembly technicians. Our goal is to provide high-quality pressure vessels that promote safety and reliability in the field.

Contact us for product data or specifications sheets and get ready to move beyond previous restraints with piston accumulators Built for the Extreme.

Pressure Min Capacity (Gallons) Max Capacity (Gallons) Bore Sizes Material Options Approvals Available
3,000 PSI 0.25 20 4, 6, and 7" Carbon steel ASME, CRN, DNV, ABS
5,000 PSI 0.25 20 4, 6, and 7" Carbon steel ASME, CRN, DNV, ABS
10,000 PSI 0.125 5 2, 4, and 6" Stainless steel ASME, CRN, DNV, ABS
15,000 PSI 0.125 5 3 and 6" Stainless steel ASME, CRN, DNV, ABS
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3,000 PSI
Our standard 3,000 PSI piston accumulators are available in capacities up to 20 gallons with various bore sizes. Many of these units are in stock and ready to ship in a few days. Kocsis 3,000 PSI Piston Accumulator Models: 4.75" ACB-3KSI, 4.0" A40-3KSI, 6.0" A60-3KSI, 7.0" A70-3KSI
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5,000 PSI
With capacities ranging from 1 quart to 20 gallons and beyond, our 5,000 PSI accumulators are extremely well suited for a wide variety of applications. Kocsis 5,000 PSI Piston Accumulator Models: 4.75" ACB-5KSI, 4.0" A40-5KSI, 6.0" A60-5KSI, 7.0" A70-5KSI
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10,000 PSI
Every 10,000 PSI piston accumulator from Kocsis Hydraulics is made of stainless steel and designed to ASME standards with a 3.5:1 safety factor. Standard bore sizes are 2, 4, and 6”, and capacities range from 10 cubic inches up to 5 gallons. These units are common in topside offshore oil and gas applications. We stock many of these bore sizes, so units are ready to ship quickly. Kocsis 10,000 PSI Piston Accumulator Models: 2.0" A20-10KSI, 4.0" A40-10KSI, 6.0" A60-10KSI, Stainless Steel
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15,000 PSI
Our 15,000 PSI-rated accumulators are designed with the characteristics to meet your most challenging needs. Designed to ASME standards, constructed with stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and with capacities ranging from 0.125 to 5 gallons, these accumulators are built for the extreme. We stock many of these bore sizes with lead times that are tough to beat. Contact us to inquire for more information about Kocsis 15,000 PSI piston accumulator models.