Coming together is only a beginning, working together results in success. That’s why at Kocsis Machine, we’re committed to providing our partners with precision machined parts, top-quality assemblies, and superior service for the long-haul.

Smaller OEMs value Kocsis Machine as an exclusive partnership. They recognize our equipment, process, and skilled workforce as an extension of their own production facility. We also enhance the internal operations of large OEMs by working with their team, providing technical expertise, and supplementing internal capacity as their contract manufacturing partner of choice. At Kocsis Machine, we do whatever it takes to create success, that’s why we’re Built for Partnership.


Over 50 years, we have been privileged to develop partnerships with many of the world’s leading machine tool builders. Through these relationships, we’re able to dedicate our shared expertise to advancing your business and ensuring your success. Download our facilities list or browse our list of partners below.

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About our Partner Mazak
Mazak has long played a central role in the American manufacturing industry. Known for their technological innovations, Mazak machines are designed to integrate seamlessly with cutting-edge automation and the latest digital tools.
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  • Mazak FH8800 CNC Horizontal Mill (2)
  • Mazak Integrex i200 CNC Horizontal Lathe
  • Mazak Nexus 450 CNC Horizontal Lathe
  • Mazak Nexus 500 CNC Horizontal Lathe
  • Mazak VCN-700D CNC Vertical Mill
  • Mazak Slant 60 CNC Horizontal Lathe (2)
  • Mazak Slant 50 CNC Horizontal Lathe
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    About our Partner Toshiba (Shibaura Machine)
    Toshiba Machine supplies high-quality machines to such industries as aerospace, heavy-electrical equipment, automotive, nuclear power, electronics, and other industries where high precision is a prerequisite.
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  • Toshiba BP-130 R22 CNC Horizontal Mill (3)
  • Toshiba TUE-150 CNC Vertical Lathe
  • Toshiba TUE-15 CNC Vertical Lathe (2)
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    About our Partner Pama
    Pama’s CNC horizontal mill is designed for high precision, power, and structural rigidity. The Pama Speedram 2000 provides the perfect machining solution for the most demanding applications on medium to large size parts.
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  • Pama Speedram 2000 CNC Horizontal Mill
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    About our Partner Gurutzpe
    Gurutzpe machines are built to meet the most demanding CNC machining needs. Gurutzpe’s CNC horizontal lathes stand out for their robustness, precision, and reliability.
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  • Gurutzpe GLX16
  • OUR machines and specifications
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    Pama Speedram 2000
    • X 393”, Y 196”, Z 78”
    • 65 ton capacity w / rotary table
    • 90-degree right angle head attachment
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    (3) Toshiba Model BP – 130 R22
    • X 142”, Y 90.5”, Z 63”, W 27.5”
    • 45,000 lb part capacity
    • 80 tools
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    (2) Mazak FH 8800
    • X 51.18”, Y 43.31”, Z 39.37”
    • 4,840 lb part capacity
    • 80 tools
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    Giddings & Lewis
    • X: 64" to 168", Y: 44" to 105"
    • Table types with double outriggers
    • Right angle heads and rotary tables
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    Toshiba TUE-150
    • Swing diameter: 72"
    • Height under rail: 67"
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    (2) Toshiba TUE-15
    • Swing diameter: 70"
    • Height under rail: 67"
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    Gurutzpe GLX16
    • Swing over carriage: 51.18"
    • Center distance: 354"
    • Live tooling
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    • Swing over carriage: 50"
    • Center distance: 133"
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    Okuma LH 35-N
    • Swing over carriage: 24"
    • Center distance: 118.1"
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    Mazak Integrex I 200
    • 4th axis milling capacity
    • 8" chuck
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    Okuma LB25
    • Swing over carriage: 18.7"
    • Center distance: 25.6"
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    Mazak VCN-700D
    • X: 60", Y: 27.5", Z: 25.6"
    • 4400 lb load capacity
    • 30 tools
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    (2) Mazak Slant 60
    • Swing over carriage: 36"
    • Center distance: 167"
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    Mori Seiki SL-403
    • Swing over carriage: 24.4"
    • Center distance: 60"
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    Mazak Slant 50
    • Swing over carriage: 15.5"
    • Center distance: 24"
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    Mazak Nexus 500
    • Swing over carriage: 29.45"
    • Center distance: 118"
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    (2) FARO Laser Tracker
    • Quality Control
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    FARO Arm
    • Quality Control
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    Zeiss Contura CMM
    • X: 27.56", Y: 27.56", Z: 23.62"
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    Mazak Nexus 450
    • Swing over carriage: 22.75"
    • center distance: 118"