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Kocsis Hydraulics is an OEM providing fluid power technologies for extreme environments. For over 30 years, Kocsis Hydraulics — formerly Kocsis Technologies, Inc., or KTI — has designed and manufactured fluid power technologies including a variety of hydraulic starters, piston accumulators, and hydraulic system components. Our products, services, and expertise are recognized worldwide, on land and subsea, for robustness, resilience, and reliability.

All of our hydraulic solutions and components are proudly designed, machined, assembled, and tested entirely in-house to ensure that you get the power and performance you need, exactly when you need it. Our technicians and engineers work in tandem with you to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your needs so they can put their expertise to work and deliver a finished product that’s Built for the Extreme.

Our proud partners

Kocsis Hydraulics serves and proudly partners with industries requiring fluid power in extreme environments. You can find our products in the deserts of Dubai or deep in service under waves in the middle of the North Sea.

Our experts support end-users and integrators by identifying root risks and guiding best-fit product solutions to enable long-term results. We approach customer challenges with a ‘bring it on’ mentality. Our customers are able to power extreme environments securing genuine Kocsis products through our worldwide network of distribution partners.


Offshore Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil & Gas

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Onshore Oil & Gas
Onshore Oil & Gas



Trailblazers to excellence

When others say no, we say, bring it on. At Kocsis Hydraulics we believe there’s always a way to get it done, even if we need to pioneer it. At our core, we’re a team of innovators and engineers dedicated to the pursuit of tangible improvements and determined to push the limits of what’s possible for our partners.

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Extreme Engineering Expertise

Our engineers bleed technical aptitude. Engineering is entangled in our process, and our open-source expertise means customers benefit from easy access to our team.

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Extreme Product Performance

Kocsis manufactures products of unquestionable quality. With rigorous in-house testing capabilities, we test product limits to ensure safety and reliability, regardless of extreme starting conditions.

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Extreme Brand Pedigree

We’re known in the industry for delivering hydraulics products with resilience, longevity, and outstanding performance. Our systems and components are innovative, expertly engineered, and often copied. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

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Our divisions offer nearly unlimited opportunities across a wide variety of industries to help you achieve your goals and realize success. Whether you’re a prospective customer or are considering a new career, Kocsis offers the insights and experience you’re looking for to build your tomorrow.
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