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For over forty years, Kocsis has been the premier choice for roll refurbishment, manufacturing, and related services. Using our specially-designed weld cladding equipment, multiple proprietary wires, and custom in-house weld processes, we provide steel roll repairs with consistent microstructures, chemistries, and hardnesses that result in outstanding performance and superior value. From premier individual roll refurbishment to value-added services such as transportation, inventory management, assembly, and engineering support, Kocsis Rolls+ delivers superior quality and service from the first receipt to final inspection.

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Receiving & Inspection

At Kocsis, our receiving and inspection procedures are second to none. Every roll that enters our facility undergoes an extensive multi-point inspection to uncover all cracks and signs of wear. Kocsis is able to perform an array of non-destructive testing including dye penetrant, mag particle, and ultrasonic testing to determine your roll reconditioning needs. Each roll is then entered into the Kocsis Roll Tracking Database to fully document inspection results.
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Our meticulous attention to detail is why we have the well-earned reputation of being the leader in top-quality roll repair. This focus is evident during the undercutting process. We carefully remove all cracks and other surface deformities in your roll to prepare its surface for weld cladding. This thorough foundational step is one of the many ways we go a step beyond the competition so that your roll can go the extra mile.
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Every superior quality Kocsis roll refurbishment combines a carefully chosen wire blend with a precisely controlled weld cladding process. This expertly designed process performed using custom in-house designed equipment delivers consistent as-welded chemistry, hardness, and microstructure.
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Finish Machining

From rough machining through finish machining, our experienced machinists and skilled technicians pay careful attention to critical dimensions and the finishes required. This effort performed on a wide range of CNC equipment creates a cost-effective process that delivers repeatable and precise results.
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Inspection & Shipping

Prior to shipment, every roll undergoes a comprehensive final inspection to ensure your roll refurbishment meets our exacting standards for quality assurance. At your direction, we can store your spare rolls as an individual item or as an assembly. Furthermore, our products can be shipped via Kocsis’ transportation to ensure your rolls are delivered on-time and in top-quality condition.
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