Hydraulic Starters

Go beyond the apex

Hydrotor® by Kocsis is the world-leading hydraulic starter brand for starting engines in extreme environments. Push past the apex of your operating environment and lay down a new marker with Kocsis.

Kocsis hydraulic starters produce higher torque and acceleration, resulting in faster and more reliable engine starts. Kocsis hydraulic starting systems can overcome "black start" conditions using our hand pump to maintain critical operations during emergency situations. Contact us to request data or specifications for any model and prepare yourself to go further, longer, and faster with hydraulic starters Built for the Extreme.

Series Max Engine Size (Liters) Torque (Ft-Lbs) Displacement (in³/ REV) Starter Weight (Lbs)
A-Series 9 15 0.5 11
B-Series 18 45 1.35 17
C-Series 30 72 2 35
D-Series 41 120 3.5 40
E-Series 100 200 5.88 46
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The A-series is not to be underestimated. Although small and extremely light (11 lbs), this starter packs a punch with 15 ft-lbs of torque and the ability to turn at 7000 RPM. This translates into an extremely fast engine starting up to 9 liters (549 cu. in.). These smaller engines are common on lifeboats, which is a prime example when fast starting is paramount. A-Series Models: A1-09B1106-TJ096, A1-09B1106-TR114-K, A1-12D2150-1A200, A1-12D2150-3A200, A1-13A1128-T0094
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The B-series is commonly relied upon for dependable starting with the combination of torque and modularity. Providing 45 ft-lbs of torque in a 17 lb package, the B-series starter is a workhorse. Depending on conditions, the starter cranks up to 18 liter (1098 cu. in.) engines which are common in the marine industry. B-Series Models: B1-09B1106-1A200, B1-09D2113-1A200, B1-10D2125-1A200, B1-10E2100-1A200, B1-11B1130-1A200, B1-11C2183-3A200, B1-12D2150-3A200, B2-10D2125-1A200, B2-12C2200-3A200
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The C-series starter fits a vast array of engines with a bit of overlap on both the low and high ends. This model features 72 ft-lbs of torque in only a 35 lb product commonly used in applications which include blenders, gen-sets, and pumping engines. C-Series Models: C1-11C2200-30173, C1-11C2200-30200, C1-12D2150-30200
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This model convincingly produces 120 ft-lbs of torque in only a 40 lb package. D-series starters are common in numerous applications, including fire pumps, gensets, and frac pumps. This model of starter dependably starts engines up to a 41-liter displacement (2500 cu. in.). D-Series Models: D1-12C2200-3L200, D1-12C2200-3R200, D1-12C2200-30173, D1-12C2200-30200
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The starter of choice by engine OEMs, the E-series repeatedly produces 200 ft-lb of torque. It weighs significantly less than other gear motor-driven starters at 46 lbs and provides more power per pound. The E-Series can be found in applications including frac pumps, emergency gen-sets and fire pumps on offshore platforms. The E-series can start an engine up to 100 liters (6100 cu. in.). E-Series Models: E1-11C2200-30200, E1-12C2200-3R200, E1-12C2200-3L200, E1-12C2200-30200