who we are

Kocsis is an industrial technology company built for tomorrow. What began over 50 years ago as a small machine shop in the heartland of America has grown into a global leader in manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance services. Across different markets and industries, we work every day to create a brighter future for our communities, employees, and customers around the world.

We’re building the future. From steel mill and mineral processing roll refurbishment; to contract machining and assembly; to hydraulic systems, and more, we combine boundless ingenuity and in-depth customer collaborations with our best-in-class workforce to deliver products that are built for tomorrow.

Ready to get started? We are.

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Our proud partners

Our customers in the steel, mining, food, and energy industries are integrating Kocsis products and service solutions to build a future-focused society. At Kocsis, we’re proud to work alongside every one of our customers as a partner. Helping them build the next generation of sports venues and wind energy components, secure raw materials for sustainable vehicles; ensure a safe and sustainable food supply, or create the transportation equipment that ensures deliveries arrive at your front door. We’re working with our partners to create a brighter future by delivering world-class products and services built for tomorrow.

why we do it better

Our legacy gets deeper and stronger every year as the bar we set for our future continuously rises.  The deep value we place in our customers, our employees, and our partnerships, combine to create a final product that is always world-class.

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Skilled Workforce
Built for Tomorrow

Our skilled workforce has cultivated collective knowledge for every new generation of machinists, engineers, and service consultants. Kocsis has taken proactive measures to retain legacy expertise by bridging our tenured and incoming workforce, promoting knowledge transfer, and developing career growth opportunities. Kocsis is continually recognized as a highly competent, market-leading workforce.

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Agile Business Model
Built for Tomorrow

Kocsis has been building businesses for a brighter tomorrow by expanding our capabilities through strategic consolidations and supporting customer growth with manufacturing solutions. As customer demands grow or unique requests arise, Kocsis can flex internal resources to leverage open capacities and niche capabilities. Customers prosper and employees flourish because of the Kocsis agile business model.

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Modern Facility Built
for Tomorrow

There is no final destination for modernization. Kocsis is continually investing in the right equipment to build upon our capabilities and advance our facility. Within over 200,000 square feet of facility space, Kocsis houses advanced technology, cutting-edge tooling, automation, premiere equipment, and the latest engineering software. Kocsis believes in perpetual improvements to better automate, optimize, and satisfy our customers and employees.

our history
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Founded in 1967 by two brothers from Yugoslavia, Kocsis began with little more than $25, a suitcase, and a dream. Kocsis started as a machine shop operating out of an old ice cream shop before expanding their operations and transforming into the premiere industrial powerhouse it is today. Kocsis is truly the living embodiment of the American dream.
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Our divisions offer nearly unlimited opportunities across a wide variety of industries to help you achieve your goals and realize success. Whether you’re a prospective customer or are considering a new career, Kocsis offers the insights and experience you’re looking for to build your tomorrow.
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