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How we roll

Kocsis Rolls+ is the #1 domestic source for refurbishing and manufacturing steel rolls plus components. Caster rolls, pinch rolls, table rolls, wrapper rolls, deflector rolls, and more, we provide comprehensive roll reconditioning and manufacturing services that are Built for Results.

For over 40 years, our engineered-solutions have been improving roll performance and reducing operating costs for our partners. Discover everything we have to offer including hands-on support, nationwide pick-up and delivery, and unmatched durability and performance. See why at Kocsis Rolls+, we don’t just go the extra mile - we go further.

Our proud partners

Kocsis Rolls+ is a leading industrial maintenance company for the steel and mineral processing industries. Our capability, competitive pricing, and reliable deliveries are why we’re the top-quality provider and leading partner for:

    • • Mini-mills 
    • • Mineral processing mills

From coast to coast, maintenance managers and repair foreman rely on Kocsis’ roll service to extend the life of their parts and enable record-breaking performance resulting in significant cost reductions.

Customers that partner with Kocsis Rolls+ also get access to inventory management for spare roll and assembly inventories, and turnkey project management solutions which result in less downtime and increased production.

Our comprehensive services
  • • Specially formulated overlay materials for a wide range of roll reconditioning applications
  • • Precisely engineered and controlled welding processes
  • • CNC finish machining
  • • Disassembly and assembly services
  • • Extensive Inspection capabilities :
    • ○ Dye penetrant analysis
    • ○ Mag particle testing
    • ○ Hardness checks
    • ○ Chemical analysis
    • ○ Ultrasonic examinations
    • ○ Dimensional verification
  • • In-house engineering, design, and analysis
  • • Inventory management and stocking programs for rolls, assemblies, and associated parts
  • • Roll tracking software correlating inspection results and production operations for improved performance and cost reduction
  • • Nationwide part transportation
Why We Do It Better

The Kocsis rolls refurbishing programs are Built for Results. Kocsis engineered-solutions improve roll performance and reduce operating costs. Producers who add Kocsis Rolls+ to their process get more tonnage, more productivity, and more cost savings. With Kocsis, our cutomers have more time to focus on the machine and not get caught up in the details.

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Rolls + Kocsis Overlays = More Tonnage

Kocsis rolls plus Kocsis overlays results in more tonnage produced. Our team has developed a wide range of options to protect against mechanical stress, wear, thermal fatigue, and corrosion. Proper welding wire selection combined with a meticulously engineered manufacturing process results in a consistent overlay, extended service life, and record-breaking performance.

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Rolls + Engineering = More Productivity

Kocsis rolls plus engineering services result in increased performance for the roll and the overall equipment. During the refurbishment process, Kocsis collects, records, and analyzes roll inspection data to evaluate the roll service performance. These observations plus customer collaboration result in tangible improvements, requiring less frequent maintenance cycles, and increased production.

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Rolls + Turnkey Program Management: Results in More Savings

Kocsis rolls plus turnkey program management results in more cost and time savings. Kocsis packages industry-leading roll repair with transportation, assembly labor, procurement of purchased items, storage, and inventory level management to ensure your spare roll fleet is always prepared to serve your maintenance program requirements.

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