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Kocsis Announces New Unified Rebrand

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For over 50 years, Kocsis has been building a brighter tomorrow for our employees, customers, and community. Today, we’re excited to announce that we are rebranding with a new logo, company structure, and website. We want to share with you our rationale behind the updates and what they represent for Kocsis and our valued partners.


Old Kocsis Logo


New Kocsis Logo


The modernized look marks the beginning of a new identity for Kocsis, serving to unify our mission, vision, and core values across all of the Kocsis divisions. Offering broad service capabilities and niche product expertise, each Kocsis division enables customers to prosper and employees to flourish within the Kocsis agile business model. This model allows Kocsis to flex resources, share collective expertise, and cross-leverage capabilities to deliver customer solutions on time and on-demand in operations across our multiple divisions: Kocsis Machine, Kocsis Rolls+, and Kocsis Hydraulics. 

New Kocsis Machine Logo


New Kocsis Rolls+ Logo


New Kocsis Hydraulics Logo


Along with their unified appearances, each Kocsis division is accompanied by a new tagline. Kocsis Machine’s “Built for Partnership'' serves as an overview of the division’s manufacturing expertise, precision craftsmanship, and outstanding service. The new tagline for Kocsis Rolls+, “Built for Results,” encapsulates the return-on-investment provided by Kocsis’ roll refurbishment program. “Built for the Extreme,” the new tagline of Kocsis Hydraulics, formerly Kocsis Technologies, epitomizes the division’s dedication to providing quality engineered hydraulic products and services that increase safety, demand reliable performance, and create economic value in unforgiving environments. All three division-specific taglines are united under the slogan for the Kocsis parent company:

New Kocsis Tagline

At Kocsis, we are building a business that’s meant to last by modernizing traditional manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance services with our creative team and the use of new technology. Since 1967, the Kocsis workforce has maintained an open culture of highly skilled machinists, engineers, and service consultants committed to doing their best work, communicating effectively, and delivering beyond the highest customer standards. This is the unified Kocsis experience—because at Kocsis, what we build today is BUILT FOR TOMORROW.